About Me

Recently I have had to write a short biography of myself so I looked back on my life;

I've worked in farming, printing, conservation, libraries, tourism, broadcasting and volunteered in many more areas. I've been a researcher, producer, broadcaster, sound recordist, wildlife warden, birdwatcher, conservationist, recruitment manager, printer, farmworker, librarian, artist, stone carver, gardener, observer of people and life; a rifle shooter, archer, gardener, photographer, painter, enthusiastic writer and someone who above all likes to stand and stare at the view.

I am none of these. Yet I am (or have been at one time or another) all of these to a greater or lesser extent. Each day I am awoken to a blank canvass without portfolio, but often the reality of 'life' can quickly dull that in before breakfast and fill in the blanks.

Often thinking I was born 2 centuries too late, I seem to sense an awareness of those rural dwellers walking the ploughed furrow before me. The British Countryside made me who I am. For twenty nine years this centred on Northumbria (the land of the Border Reivers). For the last twenty two years, Somerset and wonderful Wessex.

My interests spin like a flock of goldfinches wheeling at leisure over the thistle down of a sunlit winter's field. Then I move on down the road less trod and stop for a while, just to listen to the silence.

Ohh and I spend half a day working with Michael Palin - my ambition reached in my 50th year!